Sassy Friday – All About Social Media

Some Fridays on the blog are “Food Day Fridays” and as of today, some Fridays on the blog will be “Sassy Fridays.” 

My office is mostly full of women.  Often, when you get women together in a work situation, they get sassy.  To cut down on sass surplus, we have instituted “sassy days”.  Each of us got to pick the day of the week that we wanted to be super sassy.  Like a wise woman, I chose Fridays.  Usually my filter has worn down by the end of the week, so Fridays were a logical choice.

In honor of Sassy Friday, and the fact that I turned old this week (and old people get to say whatever they want), I have decided to tell you all of my musings, beliefs, and opinions about social media use.  Be forewarned, it’s sassy.

1.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have different functions.  If you post the same content on all three forums, you will soon find yourself unfriended or unfollowed.  Switch it up, keep it fresh.  Keep us engaged.  Reserve your triple posts for major life stuff.

2.  Know your audience.  This is the beauty of social media.  I have very different following on Twitter than I do Facebook, and well, my Instagram following is pitiful so I don’t know how to comment on that.  But, write to your audience.  I have categories of things I post on twitter, and things I post on facebook.

3.  Don’t “live status” your life on facebook.  Seriously, the run down on the number of copies you made at work or diapers you changed at home is not that interesting to anyone else.  You may get hidden from my feed if you post constant statuses all day long every day.  You most definitely will get hidden from my feed if your many statuses all day long are about how busy you are. If you are on facebook all day long, you are not that busy.

4.  As far as pictures go, give yourself a reasonable “selfie” limit for the year and then stick to it.  There are a lot of frequent flyers in the selfie club, and it gets awkward fast.  Ladies, mystery is sexy, cover yourself up.  Gentleman, no bathroom half shirt up photos either. 

5.  Filter what you put out there.  People put some deep stuff out there on the interwebs, and that’s ok sometimes, but consider if your deep stuff would be better suited for a phone call or email to close friends.  I have at least 600 “friends” on facebook that are more of acquantances.  I don’t share super personal stuff with 600 people I haven’t talked to in 10 years.

6.  Social media is great for measuring outcomes.  Look at your comments, likes, and such.  If people aren’t commenting or liking what you put out there, evaluate.  Super frequent status updates, frequent rants and raves, and frequent complaining stop getting feedback quickly.  Switch up your content and see what comes of it.  The purpose of social media is interaction, so if you aren’t getting much, it could be because people don’t know how to interact with what you’re putting out there.

7.  Speaking of complaining, truly look at what you put out there.  If the majority of what you put out there is negative, bitter, angry, or rude, followers lose interest.  Readers are more interested in hearing what you’re for than what you’re against.  Sure, we all have bad days, we all get snarky, but monitor how much negativity you put out.

8.  Don’t be crass. Don’t be gross.  That is all.

9.  Pregnancy and Childbirth via social media could be it’s own blog.  Pregnancy is beautiful.  I love seeing your bump grow, but I’m not so sure about the bare belly bump photos (of you, of your husband, of you and your husband…).  Please know, I’m not discrimiating against pregnant bellies. As a hard and fast rule rule, I don’t want to see anyone’s bare belly pictures on facebook.  No bikinis, no men without shirts, no bare bellies.   Also, I don’t ever want to read the words “effaced, mucous plug, dilated, or cervix” as a part of a status.  I’m confident I’m not alone on that one.

10.  I fully expect to get unfollowed and de-friended because of the content of this blog.

What would you add to this list?  Be honest, it’s Sassy Friday!


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