Moving to Nashville

St. LouisLabor Day marked our two year anniversary of living in Nashville.  Some days, I can’t believe it’s only been two years and other days, it feels like we’ve only been here a few weeks.

I took some time to read through the last two years of blogs, and I was reminded that moving to Nashville has been so good and so hard.  And I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Two years ago, we packed up our house in St. Louis, said goodbye to dear friends, and set out on a journey of faith.  Adam had been hired at a missions organization, but was in the process of raising his own salary, and the pledged amount for his monthly salary was terrifying .  I didn’t have a job lined up or even a single prospect  We didn’t have a home.

Things didn’t miraculously get easier once we arrived.  Nashville has been sort of hard on us.

I didn’t find a job for five months.

We lived with family for those months of joblessness.

We then moved into a little house in the ghetto, and subsequently got robbed… TWICE.

We took care of my grandmother for several months while she rehabbed from a fall.

We have struggled through the continual awkwardness of raising a salary.

And most recently, I was attacked by a dog and have been working hard at healing.

We were hanging out with some friends recently, recapping all of the weird, bizarre, and downright awful things that have happened since we moved here, and they encouraged us to write a funny book called “Moving to Nashville.”  We just might do that one day – Because really, it’s been an adventure.

But mixed in with all of the difficult has been a lot of beauty.

Nashville has been so good to us in a lot of ways:

I got a job in an organization that I love with a team I respect and a boss I adore.

We bought the cutest little house you’ve ever seen and it’s always full of friends and laughter and honest conversations.

We lead a college group at our church that’s full of the most amazing, hilarious, interesting students you’ve ever met.  Each semester that we’ve been in Nashville, we’ve met more and more students who challenge us to engage our own faith and others’ faith.

We have the greatest friends here.  We spend a lot of nights sitting on our friends’ porches and couches, talking about honest, hard, funny things.  We have friends who are family.

We have family here.  We love living near our nieces and getting to watch them grow up.  We are thankful that we have friends who are family and family all in the same city.

The beauty of this crazy move to Nashville, and the subsequent hardships and gifts has been growth.  I trust Jesus more today than I did two years ago when we packed up our U-Haul for this adventure.  Even though life has been unpredictable, hard, and uncertain, God is healing my anxiety through his continued faithfulness.  Nashville has brought us closer to Jesus and closer to each other, and that’s a gift.

So Nashville, Happy Anniversary.  We like you.  

We think we’ll stick around and make this thing work.








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