The Internship

I’ve been an intern 5 times in my life.

Each internship was unique.  I learned a lot.  I dreamed a lot.  I entered loads of data.  I surfed the internet on boring days.  I complained to friends that I was capable of more.  I got put in my place.  I got offered opportunities I hadn’t earned.  I grew as a professional.

Each internship supervisor was unique, too.  I loved my supervisors.  I had some serious social worker crushes on a few of them.  They were all these amazing women who had wisdom, drive, poise, and passion.  During my internships, I imagined the day when I would get to supervise an intern.

Well today is that day!  Today, my first ever social work intern comes to work with me!

I have some fun things cooked up for today and some goals for the semester.  But I know my list is lacking, so I’m coming to you for advise.  I want this experience to be good for both of us.  I want to learn and be challenged, and I want my intern to learn and be challenged.

So, help me out:

For my friends who are currently interning or about to intern:

What do you want to learn/do most during an internship?

What do you expect from a supervisor?

What do most supervisors miss out on that would make them better at supervising?

For my friends who have supervised interns:

What is your greatest supervisor lesson?

How did you balance supervision with regular tasks?

What do you wish you’d known before your first intern?

Thanks in advance for all your sage wisdom.  You guys are the best!

4 thoughts on “The Internship

  1. Be yourself. I am honest with the interns about making mistakes and learning from them. I have given examples of my own mistakes. Although I want them to take imitative and use their brain, I do not expect them to be perfect.

  2. be prepared ahead of them coming…thats my biggest lesson learned and thing I do.
    Make sure they have stuff to do when your not there.
    ask them at the end of every day what they liked and didn’t like…then use the dislikes to challenge them and use the likes to increase your productivity as a team.
    In my mind I Its a two way street, they need to leave feeling like they have learned if this is a good fit for them and if they can do this job. And you get extra help with your work so you can be more excellent.

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