Coffee Still Has my Heart

I’ve had a love affair with coffee for years now.  We’re in a monogamous, committed coffee heartrelationship, meaning, I don’t look to other caffeine-sources for my fix; just coffee.  Even though we’ve been together for years, I still need and want coffee every morning

Most days, I take that first sip with great joy, satisfaction and gratitude.  It’s a mystery how each day, even though its a routine part of my life, coffee is still good, still surprisingly good.

Sure, there are days when I take coffee for granted, but I still want and need the coffee, I just feel entitled to the coffee rather than grateful for the coffee.

Most days, my coffee is bold, fresh, and satisfying.  Even though I use the same beans and the same measurements in my coffee everyday, there are just some days when it tastes so divine I have to pinch myself to make sure I get to have something this good everyday.

Some days, the beans are a little stale, only when I’m near the bottom of the canister, and that’s my cue to refresh the coffee bean stash.  I don’t like stale coffee, so I don’t keep using stale beans.  Satisfying coffee is important to me.

Most days, my coffee is strong.

There are the occasional days when I don’t put enough beans into the grinder, thus the coffee is weak, but I remedy that quickly, mindful of how much I don’t like weak coffee.

Some days, I add a new flavor of creamer to my coffee when I need something a little different, but most days I fix it the usual way, and it’s just right.

Because I drink coffee everyday, and coffee does the trick of waking me up to the world most days, I know that if I’m still off or tired or left wanting after my morning cup, it’s not the coffee that’s the problem, it’s probably something else.  It’s probably that I didn’t get enough sleep, or didn’t sleep well, or that I need to exercise more, or adapt my diet.  But I don’t blame the coffee when I know that coffee works.

I love my everyday coffee.  I need my everyday coffee.  My everyday coffee makes everyday better.  Me and my everyday coffee are a really good team.  Me without my everyday coffee is not a good idea.  Coffee is a faithful, reliable, and essential partner in life.  After all these years, coffee still has my heart, and it always will.

How I feel about coffee pretty much sums up how I feel about marriage.

Today, Adam and I celebrate 9 years of marriage.  We’re really used to being married after this many years, but our marriage is far from boring.  Even though I’m used to Adam, he’s still so good everyday.  I’m still thankful for his life, for the way he loves me, for the way he partners with me everyday.  Just like with coffee, there are days when we need to spice things up a bit, or refresh so we’re not stale and stagnant, and we can, and we do, because we don’t want to give up on the everyday goodness that is marriage.

It’s possible to love someone new and fresh everyday, in the same way that I love coffee new and fresh everyday.  Same person, new appreciation – daily. Adam makes me a better version of me because he loves me well, challenges me often, and encourages me constantly to be who I am and who I can be.

I’m incredibly thankful that God brought Adam into my life 12 years ago across a crowded college cafeteria.  I’m thankful for the gift that Adam is; he is fun, funny, sweet, thoughtful, loyal, supportive, challenging, stubborn, and deeply committed to our marriage.  I couldn’t ask for a better everyday life partner.  Happy Anniversary, Love! (And yes, dear, I love you far more than coffee).

Wedding Picture 1

6 thoughts on “Coffee Still Has my Heart

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your bog, but I love it all the more today. I love hearing how you still value and treasure your marriage and husband. God is so good! 🙂

  2. Love this! Totally appropriate for you, and a good analogy. Happy 9 years! I really appreciate your marriage.

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