Sassy Friday: Christians and Tantrums

I posted this back in the winter when Christians were ranting about gun control, but I thought it fitting to repost today with all the buzz I’m seeing about #doma. Replace references to gun ownership with doma and my feelings remain. Let’s not be resounding gongs or clanging symbols, regardless of our stance, lets show love.


Call me a hipster, but I’m over social media tantrums.

I’m especially over outspoken Christians who are tantruming on social media. I’m over Christians ranting and raving and sensationalizing political initiatives. I’m over Christians saying we have a dictator for a president. I’m over Christians spending more time talking poorly about our leaders than praying for them. I’m over Christians confusing their political opinions with the gospel.

I don’t get all hot and bothered because I disagree with folks, I get hot and bothered because the majority of the social media temper tantrums I see are
a) not well-informed (ie uneducated)
b) sensationalized
c) not productive
and mostly
d) giving Christians a bad reputation

Christians, please do your research. The Bible talks about desiring knowledge and wisdom. Make sure that you are consulting varied news sources for your information. Just like with research papers in school, it’s best to have varied sources to verify information. News sources are no different, check your sources; vary your sources.

Christians, we are in an information age. People are passing information faster than ever before. But just like that game “telephone” we all used to play in elementary school, information gets changed as it gets passed from person to person. Let’s not get worked up because of something that so and so heard from so and so. Let’s not let our favorite news caster spark fear. Again, go back to the last point and do your research. Also, keep perspective. Remember in what country we live. Remember that there are people in the world who are starving, people who don’t have clean drinking water, people who are killed because of their ethnicity or religion. Keep perspective about where you opinions fall in the grand scheme of the problems of the world. Your ability to own as many guns as you want is less important than the 27 million people who are enslaved today in the world. (Keepin’ it real since 1982 folks).

Christians, we are supposed to be light in darkness, we are supposed to add savor and flavor to the world. If all we are adding is negativity, we aren’t doing a great job at our job. If all we do is complain about things, we aren’t spreading good news. If all we do is bash our leaders when we are commanded to pray for them, we aren’t in line. Instead of posting complaints and rants, let’s post about what we care about. Let’s give solutions, not just problems.

Lastly, Christians, we have a responsibility to one another to uphold the reputation of our brothers and sisters. As an outspoken Christian, my attitudes, behaviors, and comments affect the public opinion about Christians in general. That’s a weighty responsibility. Please remember that in your words, conversations, and social media posts and I’ll try to do the same.

In summary, no one likes a 2 year old tantrum, but it’s sort of expected and definitely understandable. No one likes an adult tantrum; it’s unexpected and undesirable, period.

6 thoughts on “Sassy Friday: Christians and Tantrums

  1. Beautifully spoken as always, Allison. Although I’m not a Christian, there’s value in your words for everyone and some excellent lessons in compassion.

    1. Thanks for reading Adam! I wish we were all are compassionate people who didn’t say rash and hurtful things out of fear. I was addressing my tribe today some of whom I saw to be saying some really hurtful things.

  2. Very well-written. Thank you for taking the time to think through this (and other) subject and post your thoughts. I have been enjoying reading your blogs!

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