Radical Exemptions – Link Up and Thought Sharing

Radical Blog Series Graphic

Has this week’s series’ stirred up some thoughts for you?  Do you want to share them?

If you blog, I’d love for you to post your reactions, thoughts, ideas…  On Saturday, we’ll have a big idea sharing party.  But I wanted to give you a few days notice so you’d have time to put your thoughts together.  On Saturday, copy and paste the link to your Radical Exceptions? post into the comments on this blog.  Feel free to use the header we’ve used all week and feel free to link to this series in your blog.  I’ll share that link on Saturday and we can all read what others are thinking, dreaming, disagreeing with.  Good?

What if you don’t blog, but you have some ideas of how you are following Jesus as a parent? (or maybe not as a parent, if you aren’t one)?  Shoot me a facebook message or email me with your ideas.  If you could keep the ideas brief and more in bullet form than essay form, that would be great.

Then, on Saturday, I’ll post all your ideas.  I’ll share your blog link ups and your ideas and we’ll just share, share, share.

You in?

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