A Christian Response to Earth Day

church earthAll across the United States today, elementary school children will be planting trees, commercials will roll in support of recycling, community centers will be cutting ribbons for new gardens, and many conservative Christians will be rolling their eyes.

I don’t get it –  I don’t understand how Christian conservatism has decided that caring for the environment is an evil, or at best unimportant agenda.  I grew up with eye-rolling at the mention of environmental care and you don’t even want to know what happened when the name Al Gore was mentioned.  I’ve seen many a church-goer balk at talk of “green living” and “global warming”.  I don’t know who called dibbs, but somehow, conservatives got pro-life, pro-death pentalty, and pro national safety, while liberals got pro-choice, pro-welfare, and pro-environmental care.  And when those sides were taken, conservative Christians decided they couldn’t adopt earth care as their own ideal so it was deemed bad.

But that’s crazy!  Christians believe that God created the world and gave us dominion over it.  This dominion doesn’t mean ownership but rather it means stewardship.  Christians should be the leaders in environmental care because we should be passionate about what God is passionate about.  God created the world and called it good, but we have to fight to keep it that way.

Perhaps it was moving to central California where the hippies are plentiful, nature is stunning, and folks know how to make a mean salad.  Or perhaps it was reading this book that rocked my viewpoints of green living to the core.  Or perhaps it was seeing modeled how to live simply, economically, and environmentally.  But over the last 7 years, I have grown a passion to be a good steward of the earth, and I want to share that passion over the course of this week.

I am astounded at how little many of my fellow Christian friends know about caring for the environment, so this week, we are going to go philosophical and practical.  Please join me all week as we talk about a Christian response to green living:

Tuesday – Mindfulness

Wednesday – Contentedness

Thursday – Selflessness

Friday – Intentionality

If you’d like to link up to this series and include a post about how you’ve grown to care for the environment, please add this link to your post and add a link to your Earth Care blog in the comments section.  I’d love for this to be a robust conversation.

Cheers and Happy Earth Day!

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