Book Recommendation – Just Lead

You all know my passion for members of the Body of Christ to decipher their callings, recognize their giftings, and serve out of their passions.  You all know that I especially have a passion to see my fellow female Christ-followers do this.

I recently read a book called Just Lead: A No Whining, No Complaining, No Nonsense Practical Guide for Women Leaders in the Church by Sherry Surrat and Jenni Catron.  I want all of you to go read it so we can talk about it together.  Blog book study: Who’s in?

Surratt_Just Lead_Cover

Jenni Catron is the Executive Director of my church, and I have had the privilege of getting to know her over the last year and a half.  Her leadership is a great inspiration to me and many other women (and men).  Because of her wisdom, strategy, and strength, she has been put into amazing leadership positions.  She hasn’t pushed herself into leadership positions through arguing and fighting gender limitations, but rather, she has risen into leadership positions because of her obvious strengths   She is humble and she just leads.  She embodies the title of her book.

Over the last six months, I’ve had the opportunity to do a study on this book with about 20 other women, and have been motivated, challenged, and called into greater leadership.  I was challenged to dream big dreams and to combat some forces that hold me back as a leader.

This book is a must read for women who lead inside and outside of a church, and quite frankly, I think it’s a must read for men who lead inside and outside of a church.  I know Adam has been clamoring to get his hands on this book because of how much I’ve talked about it.

The book tackles issues like criticism, comparison, conflict, and communication – with men and women.  It’s written by two strong women leaders who have paved the way for future leaders not with pushiness or brashness but with wise, gentle-yet-strong leadership.

As a young leader, I found this book to be and inspiration and a challenge, and I think you will too.  I feel like I was mentored as I read this book.  Let me know when you’ve read Just Lead and let’s talk about it!

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