Casa Buzard 9.0

A few months ago, Adam and I started talking about how much we liked Nashville.  We have felt at home since we moved here.  There’s something about this city and its people that we connect with and love.  So we started talking about something we haven’t talked about any other place we’ve lived: Staying.

Our mo is to move states about every 3 years for a new adventure. We like adventure. We have enjoyed the freedom of being able to pray and seek God and pursue adventure all over. We have enjoyed not being tied down to a place due to family obligations or home obligations.

But there’s something about Nashville that makes us want to stay.  So we started talking about embarking on a new kind of adventure.  We decided that it would be a definite adventure for us to have to commmit to a place, put down some roots, form and maintain long-term relationships, and stick through jobs/community/church when the newness has worn and it gets hard.

And so we bought a house.  That’ll show us.  Now we have to stay for a bit.

Put that raised eyebrow down.  It was not a spur of the moment, whimsical decision.  Do you know me?  We made a budget, researched neighborhoods, and carefully considered the weight of our decision.  We prayed a lot and asked God if we were crazy.  We even went to a First Time Homebuyer Class on a Saturday (Which by the way, was the best 8 hour investment we made in the whole homebuying process.  Offered through each state’s housing development authority, they are free and super informative).

We sat down in our class and the facilitator handed out a book:

book cover I read the title and my heart started racing and sweat started forming.  Realizing the American Dream? I’m not into the American Dream.  I’ve been very clear on that.  I’m fighting hard against consumerism and amassing wealth.  I’m into sharing and equality.  I have to be honest and say that I didn’t listen to the first hour of the class.  I was having some very colorful internal dialogue about whether buying a home was a sellout on my ideals.

Thankfully, I have a husband who has the same intentionality and the same hangups that I do, and so we talked it out. He reminded me that we had alread talked through the fears and here is what we decided about becomming homeowners: Owning a home was not going to own us. Owning a home doesn’t mean that we will be overly consumersitic. Owning a home means more responsibilitly to open our home. He reminded me that we had set out to buy a home yes, because it was a good investment for us, and also, because we felt like it would be an opportunity for us to be more hospitable and more generous (there’s that word again).

And so we found a dreamy little home that has felt like home since we first walked in. It’s in an up and coming neighborhood with lots of diversity. It’s just a very us home in a very us neighborhood.

casa buzard

And with this responsibility of owning a home, we are accepting the responsibility of stewarding this well. We are determined to be open with our home; to sharing it with others. We are determined to fight consumerism and live simply. We are determined to be environmentally conscious in this home, as well. And we’re determined to be thankful in this home; it is such a blessing.

So, when do you want to come for dinner or a visit? Casa Buzard 9.0* is now accepting reservations!

(This is our 9th home in 8 years. Yay for settling down for a bit).

6 thoughts on “Casa Buzard 9.0

  1. I’m so happy for you! I believe this calls for a visit! Seriously. I love reading your blog and seeing you on facebook, but I really would love to see you and reconnect. Email me and we can figure out a weekend that could work.

  2. Congratulations, Buzard family! What a fun way to start 2013. 🙂 May God bless your home with many visitors and many opportunities for ministry and hospitality!!!

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