2012: A Year Of Joy

2012 was truly a year of joy.  It wasn’t easy-breesy or without sadness, but throughout the tapestry of events and emotions,  I truly had a deep and constant sense of joy that I haven’t known before.  This joy was a resolute knowledge based in my understanding of a good God and in thankfulness for His presence with me in the midst of everyday, in the midst of loss, and in the midst of goodness.

In January, I started a job after months and months of searching and waiting and talking out my trust issues with God.  I found joy in answered prayer, provision, and a sense of calling.

In February, Adam and I moved out of my sister and brother-in-laws house into our little house in the ghetto.   I found joy in being able to host small group, friends from out of town, and friends in town.  I found joy in hospitality.

In May, our little house in the ghetto was robbed.  In the midst of the mess of robbery, I found joy in the knowledge that my God is my Protector and my Provider.  I found joy in knowing that things are things, joy that neither of us were harmed, and joy that life went on mostly as normal.

Also in May, I took a summer job at my Church in their local missions department.  I spent the summer coordinating volunteers, planning service projects, and dreaming big about how our Church can effectively serve our community.  This summer I found deep joy in my vocation.

In June, I said goodbye to my grandfather who went to be with Jesus after battling cancer.  I found joy in God’s comfort, and joy in the knowledge that he was with His Jesus.

In July, I celebrated 8 years of marriage with Adam.  I daily find great joy in our community, our teamwork, our service, and our love. 

In August, my grandmother came down to visit my sister and I and fell.  I got to spend amazing, priceless time with her for three months while she rehabbed to the point of being able to travel home.  I found joy in learning from the wisdom of another.

In December, I turned 30.  I’m finding joy in being more comfortable with me.

Also in December, we bought our first home.  I have been so busy moving I haven’t had time to write about it, but don’t worry, that post is coming soon in 2013.  Through this little house, I have found great joy in accepting God’s blessings.

Throughout the year, I found joy in hanging out with the college students at my church.  I found joy in feeding them, having coffee with them, listening to them, and watching them grow. 

I found joy in writing this year as I shared some of the things dearest to me.  I wrote a letter to my female Christ Followers and to my mom friends.  And some friends and I wrote letters to the Church.  I also wrote about healthcare and taxes and Christ-followers and I even got an article published.

I found joy in reading some amazing books this year.  Among my favorites were You Lost Me, The Hunger Games, Compassion, Justice, and the Christian Life, Toxic Charity, and Celebration of Discipline.

This year, I continued to find joy in community. I’m never at a shortage for a listening ear or a dinner mate or a challenging conversation.  I know this is rare, and I am deeply grateful for the gifts of friendship that bring me such joy.

This year, as in years passed, I have found deep joy in working.  I love contributing to my family and my world through my work.  I find great joy in knowing my calling and seeing my gifts and passions work together to do good in the world. 

2012 has been a beautiful and joy-filled year.  I look forward to a new start and a new tomorrow with 2013.

What characterized 2012 for you? 

Could you sum it up in one word or one theme? 

Happy New Year, friends!

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