Dear Church (Insert your own letter)

We are in the midst of a guest blog series called “Dear Church” that is a compilation of letters, written by Christ-followers, reminding their fellow Christ-followers that we pew-mates are all broken in different places.

These letters are a call to speak in love, to be honest, and to be comfortable with the messyness of life.

Maybe you’d like to write your own “Dear Church” letter?

Consider this your formal invitation to link up your blog to this series:

1.  Write your own letter on your blog (or tumblr or facebook note) to the Church.  Remember, this is a call for the Church to do better, and be gentler, so be gentle in your writing.  Yelling begets yelling.  Be sure to ask questions, to get folks thinking.  One more thing, write fast!  Link up by Friday and your letter might get a shout out in my summary blog this weekend!

2.  Include a link to this post in your post, so that your readers and friends can see other writers’ letters.  Feel free to use the graphic from this series for continuity if you want.

3.  Enter the link to your post in the comments of this invitation so that others can read your letter.  (Get it? you share my link and I’ll share yours.  It’s like a chain letter, but better).

4.  Share your letter and this series with your friends.  Who knows what changes we can spark with just a little honesty?

5.  Check back and see what letters others are writing.  We all have something to learn!

6.  Let’s all agree that we probably won’t agree on everything.  Just because you link up to this series, doesn’t mean that you agree with everything that will be posted on this series and just because you link up to this series doesn’t mean that I’ll agree with everything that you will post, but I hope we can agree on this; it’s good we’re having these discussions!

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