Burglary at Casa Buzard

Every day, I leave for work trusting that I’ll return to my house just as I left it.  On Tuesday, that wasn’t the case.  Adam came home from work to find all of our couch cushions overturned, drawers opened, and things strewn about the floor.  He went to the back door and found that it had been kicked open – deadbolt still bolted.

The next few hours were a stunned blur.  I raced home, the police came with guns ablazing.  The police dusted for prints and asked us questions and then we started the process of looking through our stuff to find what was missing. 

We combed through every closet, drawer and box.  They had gone through everything.  They had touched all of my clothes, all of my jewelry, all of my books…  everything.

The next few hours were a blur of mostly shock and sadness.  They took practical stuff, but they took sentimenal stuff, too.

As it was nearing bedtime, fear started setting in.  Fear kept both of us awake in the night.  I didn’t feel much better in the morning after a sleepless night.  All day yesterday I had that tight-chested, nauseated feeling that I had been violated.  And then there were the worst case scenario scenes playing in my head…  “If they got through a dead bolt once, they could do it again.”  “If they knew when you were both gone, they might be watching to see when just Adam is gone.”  “They saw all of our stuff, what if they come back for more?”  “They had your financial information out, what if they steal your identity?” 

I’ve been through other scary, crappy, out of control situations before – none quite like this, but scary, crappy, and out of control nonetheless, and each time, I’m reminded that I’m not in control of my life anyway, that God is good, and that He’s given me the most amazing support system.

Within minutes of the news, I was calling and texting friends.  The volume of invites to spend the night, invites to bring dinner, and invites to help was almost overwhelming.  But in a good overwhelming way.  I can’t believe that we have only been here 8 months and we already have such loving people in our lives, offering their homes and inviting us over for “Beat the Burglar Blues” dinners.  And our friends who don’t live local are the best at offering kindness, compassion, and prayers. 

Sometimes crappy stuff makes for great reminders of wonderful friends.

Today is much better than yesterday, and I anticipate tomorrow will be better than today.  I think things are looking up because time is a wonderful healer and people are praying.  I also think today is better because I’ve made a choice about what I’m going to focus on.

So, here’s what I’m choosing to focus on:

1.  Stuff is just stuff.  Even sentimental stuff is just stuff. 

2.  People are better than stuff, and I have great people in my life.

3.  Desperate people make poor choices.  I’ve made poor choices and have needed forgiveness, so I’m choosing forgiveness.

4. I’m not going to let fear consume or rule me.

5.  I’m going to focus on truth.

Thank you sweet and wonderful friends for being grace and peace this week!

10 thoughts on “Burglary at Casa Buzard

    1. Thanks for all your prayers. It certainly was a hectic week just tending to details, but in the midst of that, I can say that I have had a peace that truly passes all understanding. I’m so grateful for all the prayers and love from friends. Thanks, Amy!

  1. I can’t imagine all the feelings of going through this… but I have to say how encouraging this post was… and what a challenge to me concerning how I respond to things in life. I’m so encouraged by your proactive, truth-focused approach. If only I would follow similar God-honoring habits in my less extreme “trials”… Thank you for the encouragement… I hope things do keep getting better.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I really appreciate your sweet words. I’m glad that God can use this for others. It’s been a tiring week, but a really good week all at the same time. Thanks for your kindness.

  2. Wow! that totally sucks. I have been there and totally know what you are going through. I’m so glad to know that you are seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. You totally continue to be a person I learn from because I know I was not a half full person in that situation. You guys will continue to be in my prayers.

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