Evidence of Jesus

How many of you love Bob Goff? How many have read Love Does? I’m STILL waiting on my copy, but Amazon promises me it’s coming this week, so please, no spoilers. If you don’t love Bob Goff it can only be because you don’t know who he is. So please, look him up on twitter and follow him immediately, order his book, and listen to a podcast or three.

A month or so ago, my friend sent me a link to one of his messages (the link has disappeared so sadly I can’t share it with you), so of course I clicked the link because I trust my friend and I love Bob. He’s an expert story teller, so his messages are completely engaging.  And as he was telling his story, he asked over and over, “Isn’t that evidence of Jesus?” Some of his evidences of Jesus were big and some were small… His story reminded me to be accutely aware again of Jesus being present in my big and small everyday life. As I’ve been reflecting on this, I’ve seen evidence of Jesus all around me.

Here are just the first few that come to mind:

• I needed a summer job since I don’t get paid over the summers and I’ve been worried sick about it for months… and this week God provided a GREAT job. Isn’t that evidence of Jesus? (Matthew 6:25-34)

• I’ve had many friends email me about deep heart issues this month and it has encouraged, challenged and inspired me. Isn’t that evidence of Jesus? (Hebrews 10:23-25)

• I needed to have a difficult conversation with a coworker, it wasn’t easy, but we got the truth out. Isn’t that evidence of Jesus? (Matthew 18:15-16)

• I had a discouraging day and didn’t tell anyone. Friends invited themselves over and I laughed til my stomach hurt and I wasn’t so discouraged anymore. Isn’t that evidence of Jesus? (Romans 15:13)

• We hadn’t told a soul, but money was a little tight this month, and out of the blue, my aunt sent Adam and I THREE MONTHS worth of meat, just waiting on our front door in a cooler with some dry ice. Isn’t that evidence of Jesus? (Philippians 4:19)

What about you? Are you seeing evidence of Jesus in your everyday life? Want to share with the group?

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