I love vegetables, fruit, and flaxseed but I also like queso, ice cream, and carbs.  For years, I have wavered between strict discipline and free reign in my diet.  Lately, I’ve been pretty laissez faire about what I consume.  While I’ve been getting my fair share of greens, proteins, and fiber, I’ve also been getting my fair share of junk food.

So I’ve decided a detox is in order.  Not a crazy juice fast or insane cleanse, but a good old fashioned detox from some of the toxins I’ve become accustomed to putting into my body.  I’ve decided that a month of clean eating should reinstate healthy habits into my food consumption.

As I’ve been preparing for this detox by cleaning out all the toxins in my fridge and pantry, I’ve been thinking about other toxins I should cleanse from my life.  One of the biggies (aside from this) is negativity.  In the same way that I need to be disciplined and intentional about food, I need to be disciplined and intentional about fighting negativity.

I’ve let myself go a little.  A little sarcasm here and there leads to judgementalism.  A little unchecked pride leads to criticism.  A little eye roll here and remark there leads to gossip.  And it’s ugly.  It’s biting.  It’s toxic.

Apparently a junk food detox isn’t the only detox I need.  I’m praying that over this month of my food detox I will become more mindful about what I put into my mouth and what comes out of my mouth.  I’m praying that as I combat impulsiveness and the need to feed fleeting cravings, I’ll combat the impuslse and fleeting desire for gossip and sarcasm.

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Luke 6:45)

Let the detox begin.

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