What Happens After the Prayer Has Been Answered?

A month ago, I got a phone call that was an answer to eight months of prayer.  Eight months of rigorous, faith-filled, doubt-filled, frustrated, hopeful, individual and corporate prayer.  Eight months of growth as I waited and waited to see just how God would choose to answer this prayer.  Eight months of reading God’s Word, and reminding myself of His goodness and His promises.

Those eight months were a bittersweet journey that brought me to a place of complete surrender.  It was enough time for me to be reminded that my merits, skills, education, and personality weren’t in charge.  It was enough time for me to realize that my schedule was not God’s schedule.  It was enough time for me to embrace true dependence on God for provision, and to be truly grateful for all the gifts I was receiving.

And then, I got the call.  I got a job.  Prayers were answered.  And then we found a charming little house.  More prayers were answered.

Sweet relief. 

Truly a calm after a storm.

So this weekend, after the hubub of new job navigation and moving chaos settled I had some time to reflect.  The question that came to me was: How do I respond after a prayer has been answered? 

This time around, this particular answer to prayer, has been met with a response of true thankfulness.  Over the last three weeks, even early in the morning, I can’t wipe the grin off my mouth becuase I’m so thankful.  As I’ve been unpacking boxes, I have been overwhelmed with gratefulness.  I am so thankful that God has answered our prayers!

So as I was reflecting and still thanking God for answering prayers so beautifully and so much better than I would have answered them, I was reminded of the 10 Lepers in Luke 17  (11-19) and how only 1 out of 10 of those healed returned to thank Jesus.  And just as I started to feel pretty good about myself for “doing a good job of being truly grateful this time” I realized that while in this instance, I am grateful, my personal statistics aren’t necessarily much better than the Lepers.  I bet if I looked back, my track record of thankful prayers post- answer to prayer wouldn’t even be 1 in 10.

So this weekend, I was reminded to be thankful always. Regardless of the length of time I have waited or how big the answer – an answer is an answer, and that’s something to be grateful for.

How about you?  Are you like the 1 or the 9 lepers in Luke 17?

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