What I’m Learning on the Job Hunt Part 1: Sweatpants Are Good for Being Comfortable

So I’m hoping to start a dialogue about the job searching process.  If you missed it, here’s the intro.


I function best at busy.  I love working and I love accomplishment.  I’m not a homebody and I’m not good at relaxing.  Productivity looks good on me, and conversely, not being productive is not becoming for me.

When we moved to Nashville, we moved in with family, and I didn’t even have a home to settle into.  I woke up day two of being in a new city without a job or a home of my own, and day by day I began losing a sense of urgency and productivity.  Most mornings, I rolled out of bed and stayed in my sweatpants…  sometimes most of the day, sometimes all day.

Sweatpants are good for being comfortable, and for a spell, I got comfortable with job searching.  And comfort is a close friend with complacency.  I let job openings take the lead rather than me taking the lead.  Don’t get me wrong, I searched for jobs every day, but that was it.  If I qualified for a job and it looked interesting, I applied, and then I waited for the employer to call me back (but they didn’t).  And after a month or two of job searching, you exhaust the backlog of openings, and you’re left with a new job opening every few days.  Some days I spent a few hours searching for jobs, and some days only a few minutes.

It took a ‘snap to it’ conversation with a friend from college (who happens to be a recruiter) to remind me that I needed to take charge of my job search.

So, I ditched the sweatpants, I showered, and I started getting out there.

Every day, “out there” is different.  My “out there” falls into these categories:

  1. A Coffee Shop (just getting out of the house and being around people has been critical to my sanity)
  2. A resume drop-off or cold call to an interesting organization
  3. A networking meeting with a professional in my field

For those of you who have searched for jobs or are searching for jobs, did you ever get comfortable?  How did you take charge of the search?  How did you get out there?

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