I’m pro-resolution and proud of it.  I’ve been all about resolutions since high school.  Some of my resolutions have changed my life and some of my resolutions failed by January 2.  But regardless of failure or success, I’m still for it. Here are some reasons that I’m pro-resolution:

1.  I believe in redemption and fresh starts.  I believe that God’s mercies are new every morning – and every year.  Call me an optimist (acutally, I’m really more of a realist), but I believe people can change, and I believe that I can change.  I wouldn’t be much of a Christ-follower or social worker if I didn’t believe that.

2.  I believe that I am a work in progress.  I know that there are areas of apathy, laziness, calousness, and negative patterns in my life that need addressed (body, mind, and soul).  I believe in identifying those issues and then resolving to change.  I’m not perfect and while I know I never will be perfect, I don’t want to settle.

3.  I believe that making and keeping commitments is important, especially to myself.  Just as it’s a matter of integrity to keep a promise to a friend, it’s a matter of integrity to keep a promise to God and to myself.  I believe it’s important to commit to change me, and then follow through.

I think the reason there’s so much cynicism and skeptisim around resolutions is that resolutions aren’t often kept.  It’s easy to be cynical and skeptical about things that don’t work.  Here are some reasons that I think resolutions don’t work:

1.  They aren’t realistic

2.  They take hard work

3.  There’s no accountability

4.  There’s no gameplan

So, before you write off making resolutions this year, think about it.  Are there things you’d like to change, improve, or quit?  Why not resolve to make a change this year?  Maybe it’s time to resolve differently.  Pick a “low-hanging fruit” resolution that you know you can keep and you can feel good about it.  Last year, I resolved to start flossing my teeth daily.  I can say a year later, I’m flossing about 5 times a week.  And I feel really good that I kept a resolution (I also can’t wait to not be lecutured by my dentist this year).  Maybe it’s time to bring your spouse, friend, pastor, small group… into your resolutions and get some accountability.  Maybe it’s time to write out the plan of action.  Maybe it’s time to start sticking to promises we make to ourselves.  You still have a few hours, think about it!

What are your opinions on resolutions?  Why do you think resolutions work or don’t work?  What do you do to keep your resolutions?



3 thoughts on “Pro-Resolution

  1. I’m not a big one for resolutions but I’ve joined the biggest loser contest at work. Wish me luck and a bunch of will power to stay the course.

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