I Got 29 Reasons…

Today, my husband turns 29.  I love him a lot, so I decided to list 29 things I love most about him…

1.  his love for God

2. his humor

3. his heart for the poor and marginalized

4. his ability to relate to people

5. his writing ability

6. his love for music

7. his good taste in music

8. his appreciation of good coffee

9. his calm

10. his weird side

11. his big vision and big dreams

12. his strong leadership skills

13. his dancing abilities

14. his knowledge of wine

15. his creativity

16. his good looks

17. his encouragement

18. his passion for the church

19. his taste in friends

20. his friending of my friends

21. his loyalty

22. his passion for playlist making

23. the way he loves me

24. his wit

25. his compassion

26. his interest in theology

27. his sarcasm

28. his resoluteness

29. his belief in redemption

And the list really could go on.  I am so thankful God brought him into my life 10 years ago!  I love having a partner who really gets me, who loves adventures, who challenges me, who calls me to greatness, who knows me inside and out.

If you know my husband, feel free to chime in, what do you like or love about him?

14 thoughts on “I Got 29 Reasons…

  1. I have to second the “taste in music” and “passion for playlist making” since he helped craft some really awesome cycling CDs! :o) Happy Birthday to just a genuinely nice guy!

  2. I will second #13! One of my most memorable times at Asbury was participating in our sophomore musical, and I was lucky to have such a fun (and talented) guy to dance with. Have a wonderful celebration – it makes me happy when God puts two such splendid people together.

  3. Man, I love that guy too…It’s awesome that you did this, Allison!! We miss you guys alot, but this was a great reminder why I was so attracted…..wait….drawn to Adam in College!! Love you guys!!

  4. We genuinely enjoy spending time with him and are glad he is part of our family. Also he is a wonderful uncle (or should I say Captain Awesome) to our girls.
    We are so glad he brought you guys to Nashville so we could finally live close and be a part of each others lives.

  5. We love Adam as he is our Grandson and are so pround of his commetment to the Lord.
    He is also cute and funny. Love Ya and Happy Birthday!

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