Personality Diagnosis

I love a good personality test.  I love discovering new things about myself and discovering new things about people I love.

I’ll go ahead and run down my list of diagnosis:

Myers Briggs:ESFJ

Strengths Finder: Achiever, Belief, Relator, Strategic, Woo

Gary Smalley: Otter, Beaver


Well, there’s a fairly new assessment out called the Monvee, which is designed to help individuals and churches grow spiritually.  The first step of Monvee is an assessment that helps participants discover how they connect with God, how they learn best, and what are their personality strengths and spiritual inhibitors.  After the assessment, Monvee helps individuals craft a personalized plan based on their assessment results.  The whole premise behind Monvee is that God created each of us uniquely, and therefore, a cookie cutter approach to spiritual growth doesn’t work.

My church is utilizing Monvee as part of our current series, so I’ve taken the assessment and am discussing it all with my small group weekly.  I haven’t learned anything thus far that has blown my mind because it’s so revolutionary, but rather, I’m feeling more affirmed in who I am – which, at the heart of it, is what all of these personality assessments are all about.

Two of the most affirming aspects of this self discovery journey for me are that:

I think and learn most through social interaction and I connect with God best through relationships.  This isn’t a surprise to me and probably isn’t to you if you know me well.   I love people!  It’s the E in my Myers Briggs, the Relator and Woo in my Strengths Finder, it’s the I in my DISC and the Otter in my Gary Smally.

For me, though, I think there has been some disconnect for a long time between my personality and my spiritual growth.  I thought my growth needed to come from individual prayer and Bible reading.  And while prayer and Bible reading are absolutely critical to everyone’s spiritual growth (for more on that, check out these podcasts 1 and 2) this discovery about how I learn and how I connect with God has added a new layer of insight as to how I can grow.  I’ve started to be more intentional about regularly getting together with (or calling if they live in a different state) close godly friends to talk about difficult things, get accountability, and process what I’m learning.  I’ve been intentional about seeking out group settings where I can converse and learn.  I’m seeking out mentoring opportunities.  And I’m continuing to read my Bible and pray on my own through this, but as I’m letting others in, my individual time with God becomes richer, as well.

So, that was a whole lot about me.  What about you: Do you like all these personality tests?  Have you ever considered how your personality impacts and affects your spiritual growth?  If so, how?

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