Observations of My New City

I’ve only been a Nashvillain six days, but I’ve made a few observations I thought I’d share (veterans, feel free to correct me, I’m still learning).

1.  People have southern accents.  Occasionally someone with a really strong accent will throw me off.  It’s inevitable, mine will be making it’s reappearance in no time.

2.  People are friendly.  Whether I’m at the checkout line or jogging down the street, people are smiling and waving.  It’s nice, I’m just not used to it.  (Is this because we’re in the south or just because we’re in the suburbs)?

3.  Recycling and green living are not a real push here.  There aren’t recycling bins around everywhere, and recycling isnt’ a package deal with trash (negative points, Nashville).

4.  There is a lot more racial diversity here in Nashville than their was in St. Louis.  I’m excited to learn more about all the cultures represented here.

5.  There are still confederate flags around here in the south which makes me all shades of uncomfortable.

6.  Nashville feels like a small city but with big city perks.  I’m excited to explore.

7.  Nashville has the biggest Trader Joe’s I’ve ever been to and yet it doesn’t have a wine section (more negative points, Nashville).

8.  Our family and old and new friends have been tremendously welcomming to us and we’re so grateful for that.

I’m sure I’ll have more observations, since the goal is to plant here for awhile!


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