We made it…

After a lot of packing, a tearful goodbyes, and a drive with a big ol’ Uhaul, we made it to Nashville on Sunday night.  Yesterday, we unloaded all of our stuff into a storage unit and then settled our clothes and a few items into our room in my sister’s house.

This whole moving process has been a whirlwind.  New adventures require a lot of planning and a lot of work.  Thankfully, this move has been the easiest of our seven moves.  I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I typically function during moves, but this one was different; no barfing and minimal crying.  I’m really thankful for that (as is my husband, I’m sure).

I’m working on being cognizant of my control issues and on letting things go.  This doesn’t come easily or naturally for me.  So this move, I determined to be honest about my struggles, to let some friends in on the real crazy side.  This meant letting people help me pack, and not supervising the packing of the truck.  It meant praying and admitting that I have a control problem.  It meant asking others to pray for me.

I haven’t mastered letting go.  Yesterday, as we were unloading every one of our earthly possessions into our storage unit, I felt Crazy Allison creeping out.  It’s hard for me to see all my things piled on top of each other in a little room and not jump to worst case scenario planning i.e. becoming a worry wart.

And here’s the reality, I have a lot that I could be worried about.  While the actual move part of our move is over, all of our ‘living in Nashville’ details are not at all worked out.  Adam still has to complete his support raising before coming on staff fully at GSM.  I still need to find a job.  Our house in St. Louis needs to rent.  And until then, we’ll be rooming with my sis, her husband, and two baby girls (things could be worse, they are a great bunch).

So my choices are to worry or to trust and to be honest, worrying comes easier.  I’ve been reminding myself of the truths in Matthew 6 and Luke 12 that talk about how worry isn’t productive.

Thanks for all the prayers, checking in, and encouragement through this process!  It’s been so amazing to know how loved and prayed for we are!

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