Looking Forward…

I’m feeling sappy and emotional today about moving because we’ve started saying goodbye to friends.  So I decided that rather than write a sappy post, I’d take a few minutes to reflect on why I’m excited to move to Nashville. The following are the top reasons that I’m really excited to move to Nashville:

  1. Family

My sister and I are dear friends but we haven’t lived in the same town since she left for college in 1999.  We’ve become closer friends as the years have passed and I have started to despise the physical distance between us.  I was excited when we moved from California to St. Louis to only be a 5 hour drive away, but now, we’ll be living in the same city!  I’m so excited to spend more time with my sister, her great husband, and her adorable daughter(*s).  (Niece #2 will be making her appearance just a few weeks after we arrive).  In fact, initially, we won’t just be living in the same city, we’ll be living in the same house!  They’ve invited us to stay with them until we get a few life details worked out and can get our own place, which is a huge blessing to us!


2.  Friends

Each time we’ve moved to a new city, we haven’t known a soul and it’s taken some time to build community.  We’re so thrilled that we already have some great friends in Nashville, and can’t wait to continue to build our community with them while building some new community, too.

3.  Global Support Mission

 I am so thrilled that Adam has found a role in a great organization!  I got to spend a few days with some of the Global Support Team in California and St. Louis.  Every time I hear them talk about how they got started, what their mission is, and what their strategic plans are, I get more and more excited!  I love the passion, creativity, and work that this organization is doing.  I’m so excited that my hubby is getting in on this, and that because we’re married, I get to get in on it, too!

 4.  Church

 Each time we’ve visited Nashville over the last few years to spend time with family and friends, we’ve been worshipped with Cross Point Church.  We’ve also been attending their online service for several months.  We love their mission and can’t wait to get plugged in and serve with this community!

So, in the midst of sad goodbyes for this chapter, I have joy and hope about the next chapter.

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