On Perspective and the Ocean

If you are friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter, you know that I am back in California for a little visit.  It’s been almost three years since we moved to St. Louis, and we haven’t yet been back.  I am so excited to see friends and catch up on life.  The students that were in our youth group are all grown up and I’m dying to hear about their lives!  Our friends have gotten married and had babies and enrolled in schools and I can’t wait to hear about their new life chapters.  I’m excited to get to know Adam’s new coworkers better and learn more about Global Support Mission and their programs that Adam will be working with.  I also need to come clean and say that I’m really excited to eat California treats that I’ve been deprived of in St. Louis.

But besides good food, good friends, and new friends, I’m really excited to be back on the ocean.  While we were living in Monterey, the ocean was more than just a beautiful body of water to look at and play in; it was a place for me to meet God.  I think I experienced God’s presence far more during my walks on the beach, than I did anywhere else in Monterey.  There was something about watching the rhythmic waves that reminded me over and over of God’s faithfulness.  There was something about looking out over the horizon and seeing nothing but water to my right and left and ahead that reminded me of God’s sovereignty.  There was something about breathing in the salty air that reminded me of God’s cleansing presence.  There were lonely days and frustrating days and hurt days when I would go talk to God on that ocean path, and each time, I would be reminded of the bigness of my God. 

And right now in the midst of all of our transitions, I am glad to be reminded of that again.


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