A New Chapter in the Buzard Book

In February, my husband and I found ourselves in a full blown funk.  It wasn’t just the typical winter funk every Midwesterner finds him or herself in each year.  It was a “what are we doing with our lives?” funk.  We had moved from Monterey, CA to St. Louis, MO almost three years before, and quickly had our dreams and plans turned completely around into difficult but worthy lessons.  After a stage of wrestling through challenges, cultivating our marriage, and focusing on getting me through grad school, we felt as though we had come to the end of a season of hibernation.  We started asking the typical restless questions; “what are we doing here?” “what’s our purpose?” and  “are we missing something God is calling us to?”

We knew we needed some direction, so we took the lead from our good friends, Tanya and Christian, and set aside 40 days to focus and pray about our next steps.  We prayed separately, we read books, we prayed together, and we dreamed big.  We also wrestled with a whole bunch of, “but what if God calls us to _____ (Trust me, we filled in a lot of blanks).  We kept coming back to our passion for the Church and for the Church to do something about the brokenness in the world.  And we also got to the point where we said, being a part of Jesus’ restoration in the world is worth the risks of those what if ____ fears.

On the 40th day, Adam found out that his position at work was being eliminated due to budget cuts.  We took that as our cue to start branching out.  Through a series of what we believe to be God ordained meetings, Adam found out about an amazing organization, based out of Nashville, TN, called Global Support Mission.  He pursued them, they reciprocated the interest, and they decided to take it to the next level.  Adam will be joining Global Support Mission staff this fall.

There’s so much to love about this organization!  GSM’s goal is see a movement of compassion wipe out hunger, disease, and extreme poverty.  They do this through training, equipping, and resourcing local leaders in developing nations who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities.  Besides the purpose and mission of the organization, I love their financial transparency and integrity.  100% of the money that is raised for projects (such as clean wells, schools, or orphanages) goes to the projects.  In order to ensure that their 100% model happens, they have two funding streams for operational costs: Red Earth Trading Company and Legacy Donors.

As someone who just spent the last two years studying nonprofit administration, I can say that I love the innovation, the creativity, and the focus on the mission that this organization has.  Currently, GSM staff raise their salaries through Legacy Donors, so that they can remain true to their mission and business model.  This means that before Adam joins the staff in the fall, he will be raising his salary.

Which leads me to my next point:  We could use your support and prayers:

  • If you’re interested in learning more about the organization, Adam’s role, or have questions regarding becoming a legacy donor, let us know!  We promise we aren’t going to turn into those people who you see coming and feel like you have to avoid us by ducking into a corner or tell us about how financially strapped you are…  We are, however, really excited about this organization and this opportunity for Adam so we’re going to talk about it and we’re going to do our part to grow it.
  • Please be praying for us as we raise support, that God would show us creative ways to talk about this great organization and its mission.
  • Please be praying for a job for me.
  • Please prayer for the overall transition (housing, settling in, tapping into community…)

During our 40 days of seeking God’s will for our lives, I read missionary Jim Elliot’s biography and came across this quote that I love: “The will of God is always a bigger thing than we bargain for, but we must believe that whatever it involves, it is good, acceptable, and perfect.” And this is where we find ourselves today: caught in a much bigger plan we bargained for, but knowing that it is God’s perfect plan for our lives. We can’t wait to take the next step!

5 thoughts on “A New Chapter in the Buzard Book

  1. I am SO proud of you! Love you both so much and can’t WAIT to see what this new chapter will bring!

  2. Hey Allison,
    This is bold; this is risk-taking for Christ! I admire you so much and pray the many blessings that you hope for as well as those you don’t yet know to expect from your new adventure. But I want to know more about Global Support Mission. Will you be filling us in on the way they do their work, the projects they are currently supporting, and so on? And what Adam’s role will be? I want to be well-briefed by the time you make your way here in August. We’re so looking forward to that, BTW. I sent an email to what we think is still Adam’s address–I lost yours in a hard drive crash! Much love to you both–

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