Book Recommendation Disclaimer

I like to read, and I intend to share about the books I’m reading through this blog.  My goal when reading books about faith, justice, leadership, and compassion is to learn; to pick up new truths and then apply them.  I think there’s a tendency in current American Christian culture to embrace skepticism and criticism; to say, “Someone else wrote a similar book”, “This writing style is ___ (fill in a negative adjective), “This is just more sensationalism”… and the list goes on.  And I think that often criticism and skepticism get in the way of opening our hearts and minds to truths, to conviction, and to change.

My hope when I read is to fight negativity and embrace openness and humility.    Therefore, the purpose of any book recommendation that I write is not to analyze writing styles, or critique similarities with other books, but rather to talk about what I’ve learned and how I’ve been challenged (and maybe to recommend a good read to you).

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