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Dark Night in the Woods

Sometime during the course of late night conversations sophomore year of college (which no doubt took place over greasy Dominoes pizza or handfuls of microwave popcorn), my girlfriends discovered that I had never been camping before. That’s not entirely true. … Continue reading

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Snow and Silence before Spring

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in early October just before the weather cooled. He began intense chemotherapy treatments as frost began to make intricate designs on car windows in the dark hours of early mornings. Cold days were a … Continue reading

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Fears and Darkness and Maybe a Little Bravery

For most of the childhood years I can remember, I lived in a little white cape cod parsonage that bordered the property of the church my dad pastored. There were loads of windows in that home and bright light streamed … Continue reading

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On Lamenting and Rejoicing

I’ve been camped out in the Psalms during the last few months. The Psalms are gritty, honest, and confusing, which resonates well with my current headspace on this cancer journey. During this Psalms Campout, I keep circling back to the … Continue reading

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One Word for 2015

Everything in my Type-A-Self is agitated that I’m writing a New Year Post on January 25. Perfectionist Allison is highly embarrassed to submit something 24 days late but 2015 Allison gets a late pass because, well, cancer (I can play that card, right?). … Continue reading

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I Have A Dream, Too

I wrote this piece last Martin Luther King Day as I reflected on the significance of this man’s sacrifice, and the implications his work has for me as a white person decades later. My sentiments are similar to last year’s, but … Continue reading

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When New Years Don’t Always Bring Fresh Starts

“I bet you’re so ready for a new year,” they say with sweet sympathy. “I’m sure you’re ready to put 2014 behind you,” they pronounce with pity. “I have a feeling 2015 will be a better year,” they hypothesize with … Continue reading

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