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I Don’t Have Words

I’ve always had a lot of words.  As a baby, I found my words early.  As an elementary school student, I got frequent notes from teachers telling my parents that I needed to be less chatty.  As a social work … Continue reading

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For Those Who Have Asked “How Can I Help?”

The past two weeks have been a blur of emotions, appointments, medication management, and side effects. Everything has felt very new and very hard, and our normal has been incredibly interrupted. Had it not been for other people holding us, … Continue reading

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Day 1 Is In the Books

Yesterday was surreal. We arrived at the hospital at 7:45am for Chemo Orientation where we spent an hour trying to hear and process the risks, side effects, and hopes about the chemicals that were about to be administered to my husband’s … Continue reading

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A New Buzard Adventure

We often get to choose our life adventures; but there are some life adventures that choose us. This week, we’ve embarked on an adventure that chose us. It’s the sort of adventure that no one wants to journey. This week, … Continue reading

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The Other Part of James 1: World Vision, Gay Marriage, and Fighting Christians

I watched on twitter yesterday as World Vision announced that they had changed an HR policy that will allow for hiring of employees who are in same-sex marriages. And then I watched twitter erupt with reactions. Some Christians were overjoyed … Continue reading

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When Bravery Looks Like Healing

I haven’t felt fully myself for several months now.  I’m still me, just a slightly off-key version of me. This summer, I experienced some trauma.  The physical recovery was grueling, and is still ongoing, but it’s clear that the emotional … Continue reading

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Zumba Rhythm

Have you ever gone to a zumba class? They are pretty fun.  There’s zazzy music, a little sweat, and a whole lot of people watching. I’ve gone to a few zumba classes in the last few years, and here’s what … Continue reading

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